Business Owners Who You Can Trust

All business owners listed on Naitik follow a framework for conducting business ethically.

Join Hands

Join the force of wise buyers. Join the community of business owners who do not give up to unethical practices in market.

Market is organized and controlled by invisible hands in such a manner that the buyers as well as the small business owners have lot to lose.

Equipped with a framework for helping business owners in conducting business ethically, Naitik is spearheading the possibility of setting things right.

A business can serve; or exploit.

for business owners and buyers

Our Partners

The future belongs to ethical economics. Please send proposals for partnership to

  • Done – Basic website featuring Naitik Framework; off-line / online introduction events and registration form. The directory page shall be created with listing and “SEARCH” facilities.
  • Done – Publication of Ethical Consumer Handbook
  • Done – Launch of Consumer education program (read cases here), and, at least one in-depth article / video / off-line session every week
  • Working – Video support system for Naitik Business owners
  • Working – Launch of directory of Naitik Business owners
  • Working – Naitik Market-place
  • Working – Naitik Self-scoring system
  • Working – Launch of customer feedback system
  • Working – Launch of customer stories series